The Goal is Harmony

Horsemen always have a goal, a vision of what they want to achieve with their horse. That goal is harmony, the embodiment of flawless synchronicity when the horse and human come together. On Linda Parelli’s recent visit to The Horse First Farm in Brooklyn, Wis., she invested two days into sharing knowledge, insight, attitude, and ambition that set … Continue reading The Goal is Harmony

From Pat’s World

Elli Pospischil, Pat Parelli’s Protégée, barn manager and 3* Parelli professional, finds joy in stretching her communication with horses. A former professional snowboarder, Pospischil encountered the Parelli program through an internship with the Parelli office in her native country of Switzerland. During her first year in the program, she met Pat and Linda Parelli, as … Continue reading From Pat’s World

Less Sooner

“You need to do less sooner; you’re always doing too much, late,” natural horseman Ray Hunt said. This simple principle applies to all arenas of life, even something as elementary as arriving on time. If I allow myself adequate time to get to work, class, church or a meeting, then I stay relaxed throughout the … Continue reading Less Sooner

Believe in Yourself

Pat Parelli opened the gate and nodded for two-star Parelli Professional Anna Hill to follow. Anna’s hesitations grew as she thought about riding Rosie outside the round pen. That day marked the unpredictable little mare’s first real ride. “Not going to happen,” Anna thought. “That’s a big, open field. That’s twenty acres.” Anna collected herself … Continue reading Believe in Yourself